Suzannah Hemmings

I have worked at the school for 10 years and have had a variety of roles during that time. Firstly I was employed as the SEN teaching assistant and had responsibility for the implementation of speech and language programmes throughout the school. I started to take on more Learning Mentor duties over the years before becoming the Home/School Co-ordinator in September 2012. I now have responsibility for attendance throughout the school, liaising with the Educational Welfare Officer to ensure improvement in attendance and punctuality. I work closely with issues involving parents, providing support in school where possible. In the last 2 years I have taken on the role of Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead. In this role I have the overview of all the Safeguarding in school.  I oversee many of the community events held in school particularly the termly disco and the fairs. I also have responsibility for midday supervisors and parent helpers.

I have held the post of governor for seven years. I am currently on the Standards Committee and focus on Behaviour and Safety.

Ashilove John

My name is Ashilove John. I first became a Parent Governor when my son was a student at the school. Since turning Academy I'm now a Community Governor. I've been lucky enough to be on the Board that has overseen the introduction of a new head and the intricacies of turning academy. I'm very excited about where the school is heading. I strongly believe that parents and the community at large will soon be proud to be associated with Wyndham Primary Academy. My visits to the school have always reminded me what's it all about, the kids. To see how they have progressed, how hard the teachers work and what it means to the parents, that's what makes me do it. My wish? To see parents being more involved with the school. My target? Help the school to "outstanding" status within my tenure as governor. When my time is done I hope to walk away knowing that I made a difference.

Ann Shilton

I started working at the school in 1988 as a Clerical Assistant, and have steadily progressed to my current role of School Business Manager, which I started following my successful achievement of the Certificate of School Business Management in 2008.  In 1998, I also took on the role of Clerk to Governors.  I have seen many changes during my 25 years with the school, but the biggest changes of all have been since our conversion to an Academy in September 2012.  The excitement and enthusiasm this generated in school has been truly inspiring.  Staff and governors, supported by parents and the community, are working tirelessly to make sure that Wyndham Primary Academy is the best place for any child to begin their learning journey. 

In July this year, I decided to relinquish my role as Clerk to Governors and took on a new role as a governor.  I am on the Resources Committee, and the area I am focusing on is Raising Pupil Achievement.  Following one of my recent governor visits, I have volunteered to be part of the reading club being set up in the Foundation Stage.  I am really enjoying my new role as a governor, as it gives me the opportunity to both challenge and support the Principal and staff, which in turn will ensure that our children have the best opportunities possible.

Audrey McCallum

I am currently a Projects Team Leader with Rolls-Royce, where I started as a Mechanical Engineer straight from University.  I became a Parent Governor when my son started at Wyndham Primary Academy in September 2013.  I have been amazed and delighted at the enthusiasm and dedication from both the students and teachers and am glad to be part of these exciting times.  I have loved my visits to the school and am enjoying being part of a team that want to proactively steer the school in the right direction to achieve the best for the Pupils, Staff and Community.

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