This project will involve learning the skills of maypole dancing, broom dancing, acting and taking part in a traditional Mummers play, making costumes, writing songs and singing, and designing and creating a whole school well dressing to be displayed in Derby. 

Folk 3D will be offering an after school club for children that are interested in any part of this on a Wednesday after school. This will be available to children from year 1 – 6. 

The well dressing will be designed by children and ALL children will spend some time during the school day to take part in making the well dressing.  

This will be a 10 week project leading up to a special celebration event, to celebrate Merry England and St George, to be held at Derby Market Place on Saturday 26th April.

Physical Education and School Sports Development Plan

The announcement in June 2013 for the ‘PE and School Sport Premium Funding’ from the government directly to Primary Schools for two years from September 2013, saw us develop an action plan in order to develop the quality and provision of PE and school sports. 

The funding received is ring fenced-for physical education, physical activity and school sports. 

A process of self-review was undertaken to identify area of development and areas of strength. This was based upon a framework provided by the Youth Sport Trust, which is available online (click here to view).

This process of self-review identified some areas for development for Wyndham:

  • Quality and consistency of teaching of teaching (a staff audit was then completed following this to assess where individual staff felt there strengths and weaknesses lay)
  • Confidence of teachers in teaching PE (particularly in gymnastics, dance and games)
  • Appropriate monitoring of PE teaching
  • Targeted physical literacy intervention in EYFS and beyond
  • Increased opportunities for participation in competitive sports and competitions.

These areas are being addressed by the school action plan for PE and School Sports the plan that follows. This plan shows how we have planned to make effective use of the Sports Premium Funding.

We made the decision to use some of the funding to fully affiliate to the Derby City School Sport Partnership and will benefit from a number of opportunities as part of this affiliation, a full summary of benefits and opportunities can be found at


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